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I live and breathe design.

Anchor points to anchor tags, stylesheets and layer styles, storyboards or border widths. I am not just driven by design... I AM DEFINED BY IT.

Scott Michael Martin.

Born November the 13th, 1984 in Wilmington, Delaware.

I am Determined.

I knew that I wanted to be a graphic designer since I was 11 years old. After putting off my dreams for more than a decade, I enrolled in Bachelor's program in 2011 and haven't looked back since. I demanded the very best from myself, and so can you.

I am Passionate.

I live for the feeling that occurs when you solve a visual problem in the most clever of ways. The pride felt when a client's vision is delivered. The warmth of the paper fresh from a printer. The possibilities not yet explored and the brands that haven't been built.

Let's work Together.

I would love to find a company that is as passionate about design and as driven to create as I am. I posses many skills and competencies spanning the whole spectrum of the graphic and visual arts. Please browse my work or email me today!

After more than a decade of self-learning and experimenting, then another half decade in college, I have acquired the following technical skills (in various degrees of compentence):
  • Print Design: Logos, Branding, Brochures, Flyers, Posters, Album Art, Packaging Materials
  • Web Design: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, SVG, PHP, Flash, WordPress, cPanel
  • Motion Graphics: Adobe After Effects, Red Giant, Trapcode, Cinema4d MoGraph
  • Video Production: Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Color Correction
  • Mobile Design: Bootstrap, Ionic (Phonegap), GearVR (Oculus), Adobe Air
  • 3D/CGI: Maxon Cinema4d, Unity, Modeling, Compositing, VRAY


I graduated June, 2015 from Wilmington University with a B.S. in Media Design (Digital Publishing) and a Multimedia Design minor.

Magna Cum Laude

I am grateful to have graduated with honors amoung some of the brightest minds at Wilmington University.

3.87 GPA

My final grade point average was 3.867. View my transcript in its entirety here.

EPT Honor Society

I am a proud member of the Delta Lambda Chapter of Epsilon Pi Tau, an international honor society for students in technology.

COT Achievement Award

I recieved the Achievement Award from the 2014 College of Technology Student Awards.

Delta Epsilon Rho

I was admitted to the Delta Epsilon Rho Honor Society upon graduation.

8x Dean's List

I recieved eight Dean's List honors during the course of my studies at Wilmington University.

Senior Internship

I was extremely lucky to serve my internship with famed children's book illustrator Gail Piazza.

Grade statistics

9 consecutive semesters without a grade below A-. 42 of 45 classes got an A- or better. 37 were A's.

Boss-style moustache

Okay, maybe it isn't all that boss, but I did have a moustache for my entire stretch at WilmU. That's more than 1,617 days spent looking awesome!

Professional Skills

Here are some of the non-technical skills I've picked up along the way
Responsive Layout

Design Process

I have a deep understanding of the underlying mechanics of design projects, and a natural instinct for the questions to ask when beginning one.

Retina Graphics

Concept Development

The success of a project depends on how mighty its concept is from the start. I have the wit, analytics, and market awareness that this skill requires.

Powerful Performance


Protoyping, storyboarding, blueprinting, card-sorting; I know how to develop a design project from infancy to maturity.

Responsive Layout

Client Interaction

I have experience interfacing directly with clients on design projects as a freelancer, and my years of retail work has given me a serious knack for customer service.

Retina Graphics

Client Expectations

I know how to decipher a clients vision, develop it into viable options, and ultimately deliver on the promise of first-class work.

Powerful Performance

Role Playing

I can play my part, whatever it may be. I excell under direction and guidance, and value the opportunity to serve; but can also lead others effectively.

Responsive Layout

Team Player

I enjoy working solo, but can also flourish in team settings. I can contribute value to a group, and know how to feed off the creative energy of others.

Retina Graphics

Supply & Demand

Demanding environments are nothing new to me, and I have the mental stamina to keep up with the rigors of a fast-paced workplace.

Powerful Performance


I consider myself a jack of all trades, and a master of some. My wide array of design skills would prove invaluable to any design organization.


I am comofortable and capable in the following applications and programming languages. My degree of fluency ranges from a working knowledge to expert level. Email me for more specifics..
# Print & Traditional Web & Interactive Video, Motion & 3D
1 Adobe Illustrator HTML5 and CSS3 Cinema4d
2 Adobe Photoshop JavaScript and jQuery Adobe After Effects
3 Adobe InDesign WordPress and PHP Adobe Premiere
4 Sketch/Adobe XD/InVision Adobe Dreamweaver Final Cut Pro
5 InkScape + CorelDRAW Adobe Animate (Flash) Red Giant + Trapcode
6 FontLab Studio Visual Studio 2017 Unreal + Unity


Here are some of the things I could do for your company.
Responsive Layout

Logo Design

Creating a logo is one of the most challenging design tasks there is - and I absolutely love it! Logos are the reason I became a designer.

Retina Graphics


So you have a name and a logo - now let's put it on some stuff! Business cards, postcards, envelopes, letterheads, pencils...I got you covered!

Powerful Performance


Books, brochures, manuals, magazines - I love the printed word and the pages that hold them! This is a tactile, traditional medium where subtlety can really shine.

Responsive Layout

Web Design

Thanks to my nerdy best friend, I was on the 'net at the very beginning. Thanks to my rabid curiosity, I learned HTML. Then CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, and jQuery.

Retina Graphics

Motion Graphics

Static graphics are nice and all - but dynamic ones have all the fun! Let's make yours dance - and twirl, zoom, flip, morph, melt, rotate, and explode!

Powerful Performance


This is probably where I am my most creative - which is a good thing! Packaging is all about standing out from the competition and making your mark.

Responsive Layout

Video Editing

Though not my primary area of expertise, if you have footage you need cut on the fly, I can deliver clean, quality product. I can also know my way around a camera :)

Retina Graphics

3D Modeling

I love the Z-Axis too much to only design flat compositions! I may not be a character design wizard, but can bust out some nice polygons in a pinch.

Powerful Performance


Okay, maybe not everything, but design principles are universal, and fundamentals transcend medium. Chances are I could help you out - so get in touch!

Interested? I'D LOVE TO CHAT!

I am available for freelance jobs, though I would love to find something more permanent. Check out my work, and if you dig it... HIT ME UP!