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Buttonwood Colored School Logo

Bold imagery, historical aesthetics, clean typography; a logo fit for a place of such impactful significance
Buttonwood Logo
Buttonwood Logo
Buttonwood Logo
Buttonwood Logo Mock Up
Buttonwood Logo Mock Up
  • Client: Buttonwood
  • Completed on: May, 2013
  • Skills: Illustration, Type
  • Category: Logos

Project Info:

The Buttonwood Colored School and Museum is a historical black school located in the Buttonwood community of New Castle, Delaware. First opened in 1906 with funding from Pierre S. DuPont, the school was a beacon of hope for countless children of color throughout the years. Closed after the Brown vs. Board of Education ruling, the school became a victim of time, growing more dilapidated with every passing year. That is until the Buttonwood Association, led by Mr. and Mrs. Eugine Petty, secured funding to restore the school to its former glory. I was lucky to be included in Buttonwood’s rebranding during a marketing class, and I helped create this logo alongside super-talented designers Nicolas Coll and Melissa Molitor. I was primarily responsible for the illustration, which was created from footage I shot of the school while on a visit. The logo was unveiled at a spectacular event commemorating the re-opening of the school, and I felt truly blessed to have been part of such a meaningful project.

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