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3D Dartboard Model

Celebrate America's favorite barroom game with this free 3D model!
3D Dartboard Render
3D Dartboard Render
3D Dartboard Render
3D Dartboard Render
3D Dartboard Render
  • Client: Self, School
  • Completed on: September, 2013
  • Skills: 3D, Cinema4D
  • Category: Motion & 3D

Project Info:

This 3D Dartboard model for my Introduction to 3D class at Wilmington University – taught by amazing former Dive employee and Lynda teacher Craig Whitaker. This piece is a good couple of years old now, and I have learned a ton more about modeling, lighting, animation, and rendering in Cinema4d since. It is also worth noting that while I do enjoy it, modeling really isn’t my thing, as I have chosen to focus more on the animation and MoGraph side of things. Despite all of that, I think that it demonstrates my basic understanding of three dimensional modeling, and that I would have no problem working on 3D assets in a pinch or, given some time and guidance, model some much more detailed and photorealistic stuff! DOWNLOAD FREE 3D DARTBOARD MODEL HERE.

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