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Dr. Dennery's Doctrine 101 Intro Video

Dr. Dennery is a teacher of theology and an author of many Christian books and plays
  • Client: Dr. Dennery
  • Completed on: March, 2015
  • Skills: Video & Audio Editing
  • Category: Video

Project Info:

Dr. Cecilia Dennery is a religious scholar and teacher of theology, and has written numerous books and plays on the topic of the Christian Bible. I happened to be in a Production Process course with Dr. Dennery at Wilmington University. Our final project was to help film Dr. Dennery a commercial for her Bible school courses, Doctrine 101, as a group, to expose us to what an actual shoot would be like with the many various jobs on location. Though the course didn't have anything to do with MoGraph or VFX, when it was being debated what the initial openening scene would be I pitched an idea of how we could show the quote the doctor wanted and also show the bible at her teaching podium. I think my professor was a bit skeptical (or at least apprehensive) but agreed to allow me do it. I didn't have much time, resources, or decent footage - but ultimately I delivered. This video may not be spectacular, but I do believe that all things considered it hit its mark!

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