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ESC CTRL Illustrated Poster.

The robots are in control! Damn dirty robots! Escape Control!
Esc Ctrl Illustrated Poster
Esc Ctrl Illustrated Poster
  • Client: Self, School
  • Completed on: November, 2013
  • Skills: Illustration, Drawing
  • Category: Illustration

Project Info:

This poster (featuring a truly handsome subject!) was created as a final project for my digital drawing course at Wilmington University. The human model (again, an amazingly beautiful man!) is lifting or overcoming the metaphorical scene in his mind, which is controlled by very tiny – and very angry – robots. The robots could be seen as commentary on society, the financial industry, and organized religion in America, but the idea was more about the controls that we create in our own minds. The entire project took less than a day from start-to-finish, and was completed fairly early in my Bachelor’s program. Those factors contribute to perhaps a less-than-perfect piece of work, but I believe there was enough strong elements to include it here. The overall composition is strong, and the almost-monochromatic color palette sets off a nice sense of harmony. Also, I feel the viewer’s eyes are led excellently through the composition in an unusual yet effective zig-zag rhythm.

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