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Jiffy Package Re-Design

A yummy design for a yummy product! You gonna eat that cornbread?
Photo of my Jiffy box
Photo of my Jiffy box
Photo of my Jiffy box
Photo of my Jiffy box
  • Client: Self, School
  • Completed on: March, 2014
  • Skills: Packaging, Illo.
  • Category: Packaging

Project Info:

This package of delicious Jiffy cornbread represents a re-design project from my Packaging and Display Design course taught by the wonderful Sandee McClain! The assignment was to re-create an entire package from the supermarket, but every element on the original had to be represented on the new box. I chose to go with cornbread because, well, it’s amazing! Since this project was all about the technical aspects of packaging design we were allowed to use elements created by others if we wished. Normally I would make everything from scratch, but this early Jiffy logo from the 30s (apparently only experimented with on the sides of the box) was just too cool to pass up on. Same goes for the background illustration by the amazing Steven Noble.

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