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Maxfield Parrish Re-Illustration Study

Digital Re-Illustartion of a Golden Age Illustrator
Type Specimen Illustration
Type Specimen Illustration
  • Client: School Study
  • Completed on: September, 2014
  • Skills: Illustration, Drawing
  • Category: Illustration

Project Info:

Philadelphia's own Maxfield Parrish is one of the masters of the "Golden Age of Illustration," which is loosely defined as the period beginning in the 1880s and lasting until approximately 1930. This particular study is of his 1901 illustration "The Magic Ring" which was included in Kenneth Grahame's book "Dream Days."

In Gail Piazza's Illustration course at Wilmington University our final project was to accurately re-illustrate a Golden Age illustration, and I was drawn to Parrish's dreamy neo-classical style. This piece is included in my portfolio to show technical skill, not creative talent, as it demonstrates that I can utilize Photoshop's paint tools and accurately remaster from a poor archival quality.

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