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Mechanical Vector - Experimental 3D Series.

Black and white, abstract, and moody!
Type Specimen Illustration
Type Specimen Illustration
Type Specimen Illustration
Type Specimen Illustration
  • Client: Self Study
  • Completed on: September, 2015
  • Skills: 3D, Photoshop
  • Category: Motion & 3D

Project Info:

The Mechanical Vector(TM) Series represents my first foray into experimental three-dimensional art. The basic intent of the series was to determine whether or not abstract, photorealistic 3D geometry could be considered fine art. Smarty-pants explanation out of the way now, I think it is worth pointing out that I just wanted to have fun building some weird, industrialeqsue shapes that could be hung on the wall! Scenery in games is usually painted two-dimensionally - perhaps this could be challenged?

Though I plan on iterating and expanding on these initial examples, I do think that the experiment was a success. I am admittedly still a beginner when it comes to modeling, yet still ended up with some neat results. I will delve much deeper into my process and observations in a future blog post here, but for now I will leave you with the four main tenants of successfully emulating fine art with simple 3D geometry: 1. Excellent lighting 2. Black and white 3. Lots of grain (film and on materials) 4. Depth of Field

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