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Outfit Equality Logo Design

A fashion collaboration between Rachel Piazza, Layla Love, and Gloria Steinem!
Type Specimen Illustration
Type Specimen Illustration
Type Specimen Illustration
  • Client: Outfit Equality
  • Completed on: January, 2016
  • Skills: Illustrator, Type
  • Category: Logos

Project Info:

Outfit Equality is an up-and-coming fashion brand from NYC, and their core mission is to fight gender inequality with wearable art and activism. Using the photographic art of Layla Love and the empowering words of Gloria Steinem, this amazing company was co-founded by Rachel Piazza - the daughter of my personal mentor and children's book illustrator Gail Piazza. That sure is a lot of Super-Strong Super Women, and I was thrilled to be asked to flesh out a mark for their movement! You can find out more about Outfit Equality at I believe that I prototyped more possibilites for this logo than I ever have in the past. We knew that we wanted something simple, and that a capital E has an equal sign in the negative space. We tried variation after variation, but everything felt like it was trying to be too clever or like it was forced. Finally, we went back to the basics, deciding that we wanted an 'O' and an '=' instead of an 'E'. We realized a flag is the perfect symbol of activism and a movement, and well, the rest is history! BONUS NON-OFFICAL 3D VERSION INCLUDED ABOVE.

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