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Paulette Lukas (Counselor & Educator) Logo Design

Soft, calming, and family-focused!
Image of Paulette Lukas Logo Mockup
Image of Paulette Lukas Logo Mockup
Image of Paulette Lukas Logo Mockup
Image of Paulette Lukas Logo Mockup
  • Client: Paulette Lukas
  • Completed on: February, 2016
  • Skills: Illustrator, Type
  • Category: Logos

Project Info:

Fresh off the presses is this family-focused logo for counselor and parenting educator Paulette Lukas! Paulette has been doing classes for seperating and divorcing parents and those seeking custody in the State of Delaware for nearly 20 years. She has done many hundreds of courses for thousands of parents, and when she asked for my help I was more than willing to give her amazing brand the first impression it deserved! Check out her website (which I am also creating) at Paulette said that she wanted more than just a logotype and that it had to be blue, but otherwise I was free to do my thing. I wanted to feature families and a message of hope, while avoiding anything cliché and the harsher realities of divorce and seperation. We finally settled on what I believe to be the perfect solution; families watching a sunrise (or sunset - in either case a new day). The parents are not together but are connected by the child (and as a bonus both are "seeing the light"). The most difficult part was not being able to use any orange or warm hues - hallmarks of both uplifting logos and the sun. After a ton of color work we ended up with a monochromatic palette featuring soft blues and a logo that exudes the design principle of harmony.

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