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Portrait Photography

Various images to demonstrate my photographic experience
Girl with Chihuahua
  • Client: Various
  • Completed on: N/A
  • Skills: Photography, PS
  • Category: Photography

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I do not consider myself much of a photographer but I do know my way around a camera very well. Photographs are central to any designer’s work, and likewise I am familiar with all of the core technological elements (ISO, aperture, white balance, etc.) and techniques (DOF, shot composition, etc.). These particular photos may not be very exceptional, but they should indicate to anyone interested that I know my way around a camera and photo editing software. DSLRs, point-and-shoots, disposables, Polaroids, and even traditional B&W film cameras – I’ve used them all. I can also retouch, airbrush, remove artifacts, colorize old photos, and more.

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