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Scott's Self Portrait - WORK IN PROGRESS

Minimalist Illustration for Self Branding
Scott Martins Illustrated Self Portrait
  • Client: Self, Branding
  • Completed on: W.I.P., 2016
  • Skills: Illustration, Drawing
  • Category: Illustration

Project Info:

Take a look at that handsome sonofagun right here! Sorry ladies - he's engaged! Alright, alright, back to reality... this is my latest self-portrait and is still a work in progress. My last illustrated self was getting a bit dusty at over three years old and I thought it wouldn't hurt to match my new branding while I was at it (I see you red #F26460!). So, there is obviously lots of work to be done here, but I am relatively happy with how it looks at this point. I am digging the minimalist and almost low-poly look, though my facial hair needs more detail and my nose and eyes may need less. Check back for updates, and please comment any ideas or tips below!

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