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You Can't Fire Me (Video Edit)

This video is from a Cinematography group project
  • Client: Self, School
  • Completed on: July, 2014
  • Skills: Video & Audio Editing
  • Category: Video

Project Info:

This video follows the activities of Craig, the main character, on a particularly bad day. Things are already going south when we join Craig in the parking lot outside of his workplace, arriving late for what is likely not the first time. The Boss is not happy, and he confronts Craig - who decides today is the day to take a stand against the tyranny of the 9 to 5! This video was filmed as part of a Cinematography course at Wilmington University under the instruction of Timothy Day. Six of us all operated the cameras for the shoot, and each of us cut our own unique versions of the story. This is mine. Note, there is no audio nor color correction or other post-production work. I also created all of the titles. The song is The Rapture by the always-amazing Puscifer.

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